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Having noticeable scars on your face or body can make you feel like you need to cover up and hide them. Scars from acne or injuries are nothing to be ashamed of, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were less noticeable or gone completely? With cutting edge laser technologies offered at Luminance Laser Spa in Newark, Delaware, you can significantly reduce the appearance of your scars no matter how large or old they are. To learn more about scar removal, call or schedule your appointment online at Luminance Laser Spa today.

Scar Removal

What is scar removal?

Your body’s ability to heal itself is nothing short of remarkable, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes a scar remains on your body long after an injury heals, and it can stay around for your entire life without any intervention. Scar removal treatments allow you to significantly reduce the appearance of your scars for smooth, near-flawless skin.

With today’s aesthetic treatments and technologies, there are numerous ways to target a scar and make it less visible to the naked eye. Luminance Laser Spa offers laser scar removal, one of the most effective methods on the market.

How does scar removal work?

Laser scar removal uses a 1540 fractional laser to target the cells that make up your scars. The heat and light from the laser targets and removes the outer layer of skin on the scar that makes it stand out. It also targets the blood vessels within a scar to reduce redness and stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Since each scar has a unique composition and appearance, your scar removal treatment is customized specifically for yours. You’ll undergo 5-7 sessions at Luminance Laser Spa depending on your scar’s size and color.

Can any scar be removed?

Not all scars are the same, but any scar can benefit from laser treatment. The 1540 fractional laser is frequently used to target:

  • Acne scars
  • Injury scars
  • Scars and marks from burns

You can also treat stretch marks, dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines with laser resurfacing treatments.

The team at Luminance Laser Spa assesses your scar and gives you an idea of how much laser therapy can reduce its appearance. There is little downtime associated with laser scar removal, and most patients tolerate the procedure very well.

Am I a candidate for scar removal?

Laser scar removal isn’t the best treatment option for everyone. At your initial consultation, the Luminance Laser Spa team takes note of your medical history, the medications that you take, and your goals for the treatment. You may be a candidate if:

  • You don’t have acne
  • You have light skin
  • You don’t have open sores
  • You don’t take blood-thinning medications
  • You’re generally healthy
  • Your goals for the treatment are realistic
  • You can avoid sweating for a few days after treatment

Only your provider can definitively determine your candidacy for laser scar removal, so it’s worth visiting Luminance Laser Spa for a consultation and examination.

If you’re tired of looking at a white, red, or raised scar on your body, call or schedule an appointment online at Luminance Laser Spa to explore scar removal treatments.