To all clients,


We are so excited to be open and running smoothly. We started out with some hiccups, but I think we can say we are moving great now.

This blog is for update and clarify everyone the process for entry.

We are currently open Mondays 8-3 and Wednesdays 8-11. We hope to open more hours soon, but this is what’s best for business right now. Most importantly thank you everyone who has been understanding and supportive.

Some have had a few issues with the process of entering the office.

  1. You must wait in your vehicle until you are CALLED by a Luminance employee to enter.
  2. Once you enter you will have your non-touch temperature taking
  3. If you are a NEW Client, you MUST first schedule a Consultation for the area in which you would like to have treated.
  4. Please understand that the staff that answers the phone, is NOT affiliated with Luminance Laser Spa. They CAN NOT answer any questions for you in regard to the Spa and treatments. They can only direct you to contact me at the email of: Luminancelaserspa@gmail.com They also DO NOT have access to the schedule system for the Spa.
  5. Please reframe from be upset with someone that is doing their best to accommodate the Spa and You during these times.

Final, if you have any complains and concerns you can always feel free to email me at the above-mentioned email.  Always, please make sure that the cell phone we have on file is the number we are contacting you at for entry into the office. If you loose your phone, forget your phone at home, or other, we have no way to reaching you, so please update us as you need to.

Thank you everyone for everything!!

Luminance Laser Spa,

Jodie P

Jodie P Medical Aesthetician and Co-Owner. Jodie has years of experience and is highly educated and trained by some of the best in the business for aesthetics and lasers for the skin. She will make sure that you are comfortable and educated before any treatment is performed on you. She is always available even off hours to her clients. Why? This is not just a job to Jodie, this is her passion and she wants to make sure that you receive the best treatment for you. Jodie believes that every client is different in their wants and needs and each client should be treated with respect from there questions to their privacy. Jodie's resume is long and has two main areas of direction, medical and public safety, all of which she brings to her office and hopes that this is a comfort to all of her clients.

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