Light at the End of a Long Tunnel

Hello Everyone, 

 Wow, what a crazy time it is! We want you to know we miss you all and we look forward to opening soon. However, we did see that there was an error on our website that stated that we would be reopening on May 15th. Unfortunately, this was a miss print and we do apologize for the post. We are not reopening on May 15th, we must wait to get the approval of the Governor. We do want you to know that we are working on a plan to reopen and are currently working on a new set up within the office. 

 As we all know things will be vastly different when the doors do open and we will be doing everything to keep you and us safe. We had planned on staying later and opening more days for quicker and more efficient service turn around. Our plan is to do this, but not right away. We must make sure we have the cliental to open those extended hours. So, we are more than ever asking for your patience and we will see everyone as soon as possible. 

 All small businesses are struggling right now. We as owners are terrified that our livelihoods may be lost and we are in the need of you, our current and hopefully new perspective clients to buy from small businesses. We will be having giveaways and sales on some of your top sellers and want to make sure that you can get what you need at a fair price. We have always worked with our clients and we will continue to do so. We understand that everyone’s finances have changed, and we can only hope that we can all recover quickly. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get our Laser Hair Removal, get rid of those pesky Wrinkles and we definitely want to kill as many FAT CELLS as possible. This is just a sneak peek of the sales that are to come!!

We are looking forward to getting some taste of normalcy soon and stay tuned to the news of REOPENING!!!

Jodie P Medical Aesthetician and Co-Owner. Jodie has years of experience and is highly educated and trained by some of the best in the business for aesthetics and lasers for the skin. She will make sure that you are comfortable and educated before any treatment is performed on you. She is always available even off hours to her clients. Why? This is not just a job to Jodie, this is her passion and she wants to make sure that you receive the best treatment for you. Jodie believes that every client is different in their wants and needs and each client should be treated with respect from there questions to their privacy. Jodie's resume is long and has two main areas of direction, medical and public safety, all of which she brings to her office and hopes that this is a comfort to all of her clients.

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