To all Luminance Laser Spa Clients,

We regretfully announce that we are closing the office for this week March 17th, due to the overwhelming concern regarding the Corona Virus. We hope to be reopening on March 23rd; however, this will depend on the outcome of the illness. This is a great hardship for our business, and we hope to see you all soon after we reopen. Please be patient with us to reschedule. We will do everything in our power to get you in as quickly as possible.  

If we are unable to contact you to get you rescheduled after the 23rd, please feel free to go to our website and click on the link “Request Appointment”. This will allow you to schedule your own appointment, at your own convenience. Online booking is not confirmed until we have contacted you personally to confirm the appointment. 

Please, everyone be safe, and we will see you soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying time.

Luminance Laser Spa TEAM!

Jodie, Julie, Noelle, Kelly

Jodie P Medical Aesthetician and Co-Owner. Jodie has years of experience and is highly educated and trained by some of the best in the business for aesthetics and lasers for the skin. She will make sure that you are comfortable and educated before any treatment is performed on you. She is always available even off hours to her clients. Why? This is not just a job to Jodie, this is her passion and she wants to make sure that you receive the best treatment for you. Jodie believes that every client is different in their wants and needs and each client should be treated with respect from there questions to their privacy. Jodie's resume is long and has two main areas of direction, medical and public safety, all of which she brings to her office and hopes that this is a comfort to all of her clients.

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